Our Story

Here on the Golden Guernsey Girl Farm, I handcraft our products in small batches with simple & pristine ingredients that your skin will recognize and love.  I source ingredients from the wild, our farm, and other small farms in the community as much as possible.  Creating clean, natural, and effective products your skin will love is a joy for me!

My name is Kayla.  I like goats, clean productsand organic food.  For the last 20+ years, I've been a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of three.  Together with my husband, we've built our little homestead out of the wild woodlands of North Idaho. 

I am a functional medicine practitioner at kaylahoward.com. I read a lot. Continually in fact.  Learning is one of my great loves!

I took charge of my skin health as a teenager who had horrible acne.  Today I have combined my love of herbs and natural products with my quest for beautiful skin.

Golden Guernsey Girls was started from the island in my kitchen and the corner of my basement, where I fell in love with soap-making after my friend showed me how to use my extra goat milk for beautiful, skin-loving soap.  

  • Lotus

  • Plutonium

  • Filaree

  • Violet

  • Osmium

    Coming Soon - NEW BUCK!

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